Bucket List

Here’s the all important bucket list (all items subject to change).

  1. Open a bar or restaurant
  2. Write a novel, get it published, and have people read it
  3. Race in the Budapest-Bamako Rally (or similar)
  4. Cross the Sahara on Camel
  5. Take the trans-Siberian RR from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg
  6. Have my art exhibited in a gallery
  7. Take a company to IPO
  8. Go up into space
  9. Visit Antarctica
  10. Drive and or walk Cape to Cairo
  11. Spend a few months in India
  12. Plant a sequoia in New York and not tell anyone where it is
  13. Learn to Tango
  14. Bike across the U.S. of A. and see things.
  15. Drive Across the Americas, Alaska (or NYC) to Tierra del Fuego
  16. Build a motorcycle from scratch
  17. Learn to fly a Plane.
  18. Bungee Jump (deathly afraid of it)
  19. Skydive (deathly afraid of it)
  20. Drive a F1 Car around a track at least once
  21. Start a fashion label and give the proceeds to charity
  22. Record a solo album
  23. Live in the mountains
  24. Live on a boat
  25. Sit on the board of a major cultural institution
  26. Learn a non-European language
  27. Help replicate consciousness digitally
  28. Create a few progenies and be awesome to them
  29. Buy 150+ acres of land in AZ, NM, MT, or similar, and turn them into an innovation ranch.

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