About me

No, its not super imposed


Where to begin, original NYer, global traveller, reveler of all things awesome, writer, not a poet, drinker not a toker, and sometimes known to be a midnight joker. Professionally, I nerd out hard core on the following list of things. Technology, specifically focused immersion and experience, data, data analysis and its consumption, en masse. Innovations in growth marketing, I fing it a much more suitable term than growth hacking.

And yes, I used to sing in this awesome band called “Black Cherry Rose” back in the day. What’s up Joe!


1. Set completely unrealistic goals for yourself, even if only get half way, it’s still further than most.
2. Always love what you do and be honest with yourself, you’ll never succeed in something you hate.
3. Talk is cheap, actions speak louder than words, and you should never settle for the status-quo.
4. Be excellent to each other. 🙂 This one is especially important.
5. Have integrity in everything you do, reputation goes a long way.
6. This one I stole from Brent McCrossen, but “Brother, the truth will set you free.”


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Joe says:

    I played drums in this amazing band called Black Cherry Rose back in the mid 2000’s…maybe you’ve heard of it?

  2. justin says:

    Hi former roommate. Reading your stuff. Proud of who you are. Good things coming your way. Cheers.

  3. Lauren Gard says:

    Hey Jacek,

    Just saw your tweet suggesting the name “Bounce” for the Pelicans. 🙂 And thought you might be interested in checking out 99designs Pelicans logo design contest – some really awesome entries! http://bit.ly/NOLAPelicansLogo

    BuzzFeed ran a pretty hilarious article yesterday about it: http://bit.ly/ZZPVVb

    Happy tweeting (and blogging…and holidays!)


    Lauren Gard
    PR Manager, 99designs

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