Open Street Map and Stamen Tiles for CartoDB in XYZ formation.

This post and all additional updates are now being maintained on Whiteboard.

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 2.37.09 PMPartially for me, because I always forget where I put these, but mostly for you.

As I always have to go looking for Stamen XYZ.png urls and had the hardest time finding Open Street Map tiles yesterday to use in CartoDB‘s Dashboard, so I figured I’d make them easily searchable in Google w/ this post. . 

In any case, here they are. These, in addition to the standard faire tiles from Nokia, Google and Mapbox round out the CartoDB selection nicely. To import them just copy / pastry the full url path and plop it into the import field marked with a + in your CartoDB dashboard.

In the event I find any new  XYZ tiles, I’ll update this post and  if you know of any other base maps / tiles that I can include here, please leave a comment w/ a link. That is all.

OSM Base Maps


Stamen Maps{z}/{x}/{y}.jpg{z}/{x}/{y}.jpg{z}/{x}/{y}.jpg

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Chad says:

    Thank you! Took me forever to find this!

  2. peterdesmet says:

    Awesome, I had the exact same use case. Thanks for posting!

  3. jgrebski says:

    glad it was useful, and please let me know if you find any additional tilesets, would love to make a comprehensive list.

  4. spring08 says:

    Should {z}/{x}/{y} be replaced with anything? I don’t seem to be able to use this.

  5. spring08 says:

    never mind, it works now. Thank you!

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