Innovation & the Changing Face of Advertising


Innovation + the Changing Face of Advertising is the talk that I will be giving at Tulane University come Monday, and to be honest I could’t be more excited.

The presentation is fairly short but provides a simple yet very powerful tool that I hope will have these students approach problem solving in unique, and effective ways.

And especially so as they look into the realm of the Ad gods. We’re also going to cover why emotion is the main driver behind purchase decisions, why old paradigms in the Ad world are just that, old, and that no matter how deeply you delve into data mining, consumer purchasing behavior considering price and commodity equal, will still be driven by emotional choice and influence.

Anyways, the presentation is up on Slideshare, share, read, enjoy what have you.

Oh also as a side note, that silliness Avatar Hot or Not, got picked up by a gaming blog, and traffic jut keeps on rolling in, i.e. 15,000 page views on Thursday, and with no marketing push what so ever. Go figure. Still it’s great to see something I came up with and build  be so well received.

And check out the first poster I’ve ever been on. 🙂


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