Stuff I think is Awesome – Being Playful


I saw this guy’s photos about a month and a half ago on reddit, and instantaneously fell in love with the idea of playing with the moon. While most of us don’t have live in an area that allows us to experience the moon at an almost horizon like level, the photos here bring about the idea of a concept which most people I reckon will overlook. Playing with nonplayful things, or simply looking at the world in a more playful way.

The simple reason is, that playful things and absurdities tend to give us a certain joy in our lives and sharing those playful absurdities with others simply tends to spread that joy. It’s “stop and smell the flowers” enjoy life for a brief moment, but perhaps in a way that is unique, and in the mean time inspire others to do the same. This man with the moon, he inspired me to make this little guy…

… who I observed made 6 people smile and laugh until someone eventually came by and decided that an upside down snowman was clearly distasteful and decided to augment his position 180 degrees vertically. But you get the point.


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