L'art pour L'art – Stakeholders Choice at the BA+S


As some of you know, and others I reckon don’t, I sit on the board of the Bowery Arts + Science, a wonderful little multi-arts nonprofit organization located down on the Bowery in NYC, and as such I thought I’d share with you a few thing that we’re working towards.

Stakeholders Choice

First and foremost the BA+S is looking for a few good page-oriented and performance poets for the Stakeholders Choice series. In short eight pots get chosen to hone their skills before the showcase performance in Jan 2012. Criteria are pretty straightforward, but living in NYC is a must, and the deadline is November 30th. So if you, or anyone you know would potentially be interested in the program, please pass on the info. MORE >>

BA+S Membership and Patronage

As with most non-profits we compete for grant money from a number of charitable organizations, unfortunately, this very seldom covers the full operating expenses of the organization.

In which case, I ask that if you do charitable giving you consider purchasing one of the membership packages being offered by the BA+S. As we’re a 501(c) donations are tax deductible. So please do consider it, or give it as a gift for the Art Lover in your life.

You can find the various packages HERE >>


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