How do you send out a press release? +20 Free PR Sites



How do I send out a press release? When should I send out a press release? If you’ve had these questions keep reading.

If you’re a Coca Cola, or a Microsoft, you get your PR department to do it, but if you’re the little guy, it’s not so clear. If you’re thinking social media, great, it’s a good way of getting to people to follow your website and actively engage you – but all the same depends on your business. If you’re a company that makes a new type of ultralight environmentally friendly piston for lawnmowers a facebook fan page will probably not do you too much good.

So chances are you you think you need to publish a press release but don’t really know where to start. OK. First thing’s first do you need a press release? Ask yourself why your company is putting one out, did you jut secure financing, did you just develop a new product, was there a major change in the company somehow.

The second is how do you go about getting your press release out there? If you have friends at PR agencies invite them out for a coffee and discuss how you could get the most exposure, chances are they’ll know someone who just started their own PR agency and is looking for clients. This is a great way to tap into industry specific news. But what if you don’t know anyone or can’t hire a PR guy due to a general lack of funds.

Well in this case you’re stuck with a free press release distribution website. Clearly the benefits of using one of these is that they’re “free”, however free also means the quality of service just won’t be as good. With that – also remember – that utilizing a press release websites you’ll need to consider keywords, SEO and all the other web-type stuff. A good checklist for press releases online can be found here.

Once you’re done with your press release, visit any of these websites, sign up with some non-pivotal email i.e., as we’re sure you’ll receive some spam, and send them out, don’t be shy – send your press release to all of them.

Press Release Distribution Websites

: 24-7 Press Release
: 1888 Press Release
: Click Press
: Express Press Release – From the onset looks U.S. only, and limited to major states
: Free Press Release
: Free Press Release Center
: i-Newswire
: Newswire Today * – recommended
: PR Inside – German & English
: PR Buzz
: PR Leap
: PR Log
: PR Urgent
: Press About
: Press Method
: Press Release Point
: The Open Press

E-commerce Only
: Ecommerce Wire

With that done, you should also consider contacting bloggers with your industry focus, they often have active large readerships and will undoubtedly help spread the word on whatever it is you’re releasing to the press.

With that we have a request of our community. If you could provide us with press release distribution websites in languages other than English, we would be very very grateful.


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