VIDEO Series: Pioneering Social Change



How do you change the world? Through Entrepreneurship

Oftentimes when we think of entrepreneurship we think only of what’s coming out of Silicon Valley, we look at the new Spotify, or another product that pushes the boundaries of technology. However, innovation is not only applicable to the web, or technology but to anything, it’s after all taking something and making it better.

That’s why in this video series, we’re looking at social entrepreneurship, a movement within the Entreprenruship community that focuses on social change and making this world a better place.

The video we’re about to put up is by the Skoll Foundation, and talks about Muhammad Yunus who founded the Grameen Bank and in 2006 won the Nobel peace prize, as well as other social entrepreneurs who are tackling education, health care, clean water, the environment.

As entrepreneurs we’re here to make the world a better place, and no other area needs as much innovation as social causes.


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