Graduation: Friday


Crazy, huh?! Well, we graduate Friday, and it’s all over. 18 months of super fun, super intense, super duper MBA. But it’s not all over yet… so chin up. 🙂

This week sees me, playing live for the 1st time in Barcelona, I figured, since were all to be leaving soon, might as well throw together a nifty little concert (ish type thing). It’s Tuesday by the way, at Jazz Si if any would like to come. Starting 8:00pm. If in ESADE just ask someone form the 2nd year to Fwd you the address.

Also, as a result of my MBA Blogger Fame (sarcasm here) I was recognized on the street by a current 1st year IESE student. Super funny.

On a more MBA like note, I got an offer, and I’ve been milling it over, still don’t know if I should take it, and going to write the company asking about their ops, long term strategy, etc… need to be educated when it comes to making a post MBA decision. As for other jobs, still waiting, and still stressed out – albeit not that much.

Oh… and as a last thing, for those reading this here blog from post 1. Well, if you remember, which I only assume not many of you do, I got a laptop at the beginning of all this, and 2 years later, while it still works ok, there are some things I just can’t do with it, like make a proper movie of Africa, or record a proper song because Dell just wont put a decent sound card in, and as such, I’ve swithced to the following…………..


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