Ciao di Milano

Ciao Tutti, e Bienviunto di Milano, plus strange train people and feeling like poop (can you see the exhaustion on my faccia?) Greetings from Milano, here until late Monday, and then back to BCNa, and to tell you the most utter of truths, the Catalan Capital is much more aesthetically pleasing than Italy’s fashion capital….

Goodbye everybody, I’m heading home, I’m heading home.

Some people have already left, others, are leaving today, this weekend, yet others still – early next week. Truth be told, its pretty sad, we saw someone who shall remain nameless almost break down in tears because we’re all heading in our different ways. Relationships are falling apart, some getting stronger. For those of us…

MBA is Done and Done (almost)

Graduated! My dad left today back to NY, mom is still here with my cousin until Wednesday. Still need to finish a few final things, like write a paper about Memling’s Pieta, but other than that I’m pretty much done. It’s a bit strange though, knowing that until I actually start working I’ve pretty much…

Musical MBA Students in Barcelona

So this is one of the songs we plan to play tomorrow, can you tell it’s our 1st jam session ever? Pretty bad, huh!? Anyways watch out tomorrow for Herr Donovan, Mssr. Omar, and Pan Jacek to show the world that MBA students are much more diverse than just compound interest and strategy loving geeks….

Graduation: Friday

Crazy, huh?! Well, we graduate Friday, and it’s all over. 18 months of super fun, super intense, super duper MBA. But it’s not all over yet… so chin up. 🙂 This week sees me, playing live for the 1st time in Barcelona, I figured, since were all to be leaving soon, might as well throw…

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