Cada día yo veo uno caso tan feo.


Yes. Every day I read over cases, practice frameworks, go over personality type questions, and further try and make myself into the perfect candidate. Why? Because I need a job (or “trabajo” as they say here), and not just any job, but one that will allow me to challenge myself, be fun, ever changing, and propel my somewhat ambitious self up the ladder of life, I mean it doesn’t look like anyone else is going to do it for me.

And while all this is well and good, and while I’m up against thousands of other MBA’s who are also looking for jobs (plus those who already have them), I begin thinking to myself. Do these cases really prepare me for a job as a consultant, or do they simply test to see preparation? Personally, I can stipulate to the weight of a Airbus 360, or market size the amount of Zulu spears sold in Paris each year by dwarf sized Kazakhs. But so can anyone else who’s done their homework.

I think the real rub is in the strategy cases, the ones that really test your mettle alongside the skills that you took away from your MBA, ones that test not only a “framework” but test ingenutiy, innovation and problem solving skills. Those are the ones that separate the boys from the men…

… and unfortunately I have to say, that those are the ones that I still need to work on, because, while fun and possibly and adventure of a lifetime, Africa did nothing to help propagate my employment status. Oh well… back to the books….

“….so wait, direct material costs were how much?, $123,456 No, that just doesn’t sound right.” 😀


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