School, Television, and Flu


No, not quite the sequel to the 1989 drama, Sex, Lies, and Videotape, instead life since school began anew December 7th. I’m taking, Analisis y Prevision de la Coyuntura, Consumer Behavior, Leadership and Human Development, Social Entrepreneurship, Impact of Culture on Business, and International Finance, as well as finishing up my lessons in Spanish (Nivel 6b – the highest nivel there is, not bad considering I spent 3 months in Africa not using the language). May drop one of them though, don’t know yet.

Moving on, Thursday I became amazingly ill with a bad case of the flu, it was so bad in fact that I only made it out of my flat once and that was to head to the Dr.’s office, who gave me a nice little chest x-ray to check for any infection of TB (mandatory since I’ve been having a dry cough, and spent some time on that continent down south). Luckily no TB, and I got myself a nice picture of my lungs. But that is not to mean my long weekend wasn’t eventful. Oh no, I slept a lot, I sweat a lot, and I watched a lot of internet TV because there was absolutely nothing else I could do.

Which in all has not been the best thing considering I have an interview coming up and wanted to prepare for it this weekend, and especially so since it will probably be in Castilian. So now, I get over the remnants of the flu, get myself into high gear and hope that this post makes sense cause my logic circuits are still dealing with the remnant effects of this virus.


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