The final countdown


Term 5, the end of the MBA (almost). I’m actually sad writing this post, because I know that what quite possibly was thus far the best chapter in my life is slowly coming to an end. We walk as a class in mid March, and then head off on our own, each one in their own direction. But that’s still three months away, and I’ll leave the sentimental stuff for the end.

I honestly can’t wait to get back to BCN (The strange city where the population actually refers to its city by its airport code), see friends, and get life back into the swing of things. Meaning, more job hunting, interviewing, dinners, events, new people to meet, and then eventually come to the end of this whole MBA thing in a much worse financial position than when I went into it. But the ROI should be enough to compensate my more than adequate debt, hopefully pay it off in 2-4 years, and then start building some serious equity.

As for the job search, going pretty well I would say. So far have only been dinged from a small fraction of companies, have interviews coming up in January with ones that I want to work for, applying to even more, all where I can see myself happily consulting, and enjoying the work. The only thing is, I want to stay in Barcelona, and I would give an arm and a leg for it. So, we’ll see, and most importantly, I can just say that it’s good to be back home, as of tomorrow 14:00. J

By the way, this is home.


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