I'm back in Kaapstad and alive and almost well.


So it’s over, I would have stayed an extra day or two on tour, but as things have it, I got really sick on my way down to Maputo from Tofo (Mozambique) and was utterly unable to do anything but head to the closest clinic, get tested for malaria (as of two days ago I still dont have it) and head straight for Cape Town. Now…. I’m back in Cape Town, staying at a friend’s house until I fly out of here on the 18th.

As for the trip. Wow! Fun adventure filled, crazy, so many stories I could write about. But I’ll just give you the highlights, almost got arrested twice, one in Botswana, the other time in Mozambique, I’m now a PADI certified open water, and deep diver. Breathing under water is soooo cool, I cant even explain it. You have to try it. Victoria falls, is impressive, really impressive, mist water everywhere, but the poverty, and the people with AIDS you see, are heartbreaking. A lot of it is heartbreaking, but you can only do so much, and what I did to help, well maybe it will make some difference in these people’s lives.

As for losing things and having things stolen. 1 pair of Gucci sunglasses – gone, 1 pair of Cool Shoe Co. flip flops – gone, 1 really cool Zambia towel – somewhere in Bloemfontein, and then some other minor things, like a knife, pens, hat, socks, etc… etc… are somewhere. Anyways, photos coming soon as well as a synopsys of the trip.


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