2500 km later


and I’m in Swakopmund, Namibia. On the Job front, no dings yet, which is wunderful news. On the personal front, got stuck in the sand, once by Sousselvlei, and once in the middle of some sand dunes. The 1st time was just stupidity, the second time I couldnt do anything about it. Was soft sand, and no one told me otherwise. Closest town was 40km away, and heat 36C, was about to walk with my trusty compass but luckily someone came. Namibia thus far is vast and the distances are huge. Driving alone with no music leaves a lot of time for thinking, and I’ve done a plenty of that. Slept so far 2 nights in the bush, with almost no people near me, was good fun. And I have to say, invented biltiong sanwiches (more on that later) internet time running out, and I have to start wrapping this up.

Also… iPod broke for about 2400km, but i somehow got it working last nite, only to find out that I’m out of juice. Whatever, I’ve gotten used to no music. To all those out there worried about me, (like 1.32 people ;), don’t… I’ve managed to be a lot more resourceful than I thought I could be, and I’ll be fine, given no Kudu decides to jump in front of me, or a pack of elephants, stampede my bakkie (pickup), or a lion chomp my head of. But all in all, should be fine.

Until next time –

p.s. the countryside is beautiful.


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