Cape Town: My time here so far.

School has started and not much really to talk about, classes are very different than at ESADE, there’s things like advanced leadership (AL), and depth consulting (DCF), that deal strictly with one’s emotions, and there’s classes such as emerging enterprises (EE) that are just wonderful.

For example in EE we went to speak to a woman who opened the 1st Bed & Breakfast in Kyalitsha, a Township just outside of Cape Town. In addition the class really challenges us to think about the problems that South Africa faces in the Entrepreneurial spectrum. i.e. if you don’t incorporate HIV/AIDS (deaths) costs in your strategy, you’re pretty much throwing money down the tubes.

Moving on, reality here is definitely not what you think back in the Northern Hemisphere, AIDS is very much a part of everyday life, and there are still very visible tensions between the different peoples of RSA.

On the bright side though the Springbuck’s are doing great in the Rugby World Cup, everyone is super nice, we had a braai (South African BBQ) in another township with a guy from the MBA who grew up in it, and next week we’re doing the Garden Route, going to ride an ostrich, and see some elephants. Should be super cool.


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