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You know, Barcelona is a great town, mountains, beach, good weather, nice architecture, great night life, and friends to boot. Heck, I would even say that I’m starting to become part of the community, or at least I feel like it because the ladies who sell fruit, fish and meat at the Mercado even say hola to me on occasion. But there is just one thing that I absolutely despise. Noise. Yeah, living in New York wasn’t exactly the country side either, but at least there, I wasn’t woken up daily at 3am by the garbage men, at 8am by the parade of scooters with shoddy mufflers, by the ambulances, by the honking, yelling screaming at all hours of the day. Maybe it’s my neighborhood, maybe not. But I swear, after I get out of here, one of the things on my requirements list for a flat is going to be genuine seclusion, calm, tranquility and silence.


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  1. AA says:

    Hi Jacek,I found your blog through Technorati. I’m a fellow MBA student, only from IESE. I found a huge flat that I wanted to share with MBA or PhD students, and I’d like to announce it at ESADE as well. Would you mind posting a message for me in your forum or bulk mail services? Thanks,António (antoniocostaamaral{a}

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