who wants RAM!?


not much has happened since the last post. I’m super busy, working on average between 10-14 hour days. Funny thing is about two years ago I would have called myself an idiot, now, I actually like it. And on a personal note, there’s nothing like going pale during the summer in BCN… yeah, I spend too much time indoors.

On that note, I’ve decided to upgrade to 2GB Ram, bought from the UK, as I wound up paying about 15 Euro less for it w/ s&h than here in Spain. Why… because I tend to run too many apps at once and need it. So…. if anyone needs 512MB modules of stock Dell 6400/E1505 Ram, let me know. I got ’em cheap. 😉

Finally…. I’m looking into getting my Polish drivers license, and may need to shoot over there for it, and would really like to visit Sevilla and a friend in Milan this summer, problem is when. There’s never enough time for anything. Bah… time for sleep. Buenas….


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  1. Miss Cellania says:

    Hey Jacek! Happy Fourth of July!

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