Done and done (almost)

Finals are ALMOST over, we have two more, and I feel pretty confident about them. After that, one week strategy module, and the summer is here.

In the end I opted out of an internship to work on two consecutive business plans, one to generate a steady income stream to my and a colleagues bank accounts, it’s a website, it serves a niche that is yet unexploited in Spain, and Europe, so growth opportunities are there; with the second business plan being something that I believe to be somewhat revolutionary, super cool, and dealing with the renewable energy sector. This latter one will probably take most of my time, but should it work, and should I be able to pawn it off on someone like Acciona, Syngenta, or Virgin Fuels, I may just have this MBA paid for.

Moving on, since I will be here this summer, and since an opportunity presented itself, I have gone ahead and for the price of 350€ bought wheels. Yup, I’ve got a moto. Picture, enclosed. It’s 100cc, works great, and I just need to get another mirror (approximate cost 12€) cause some schmo stole it. That bastard. And yes, I will be careful, I like life a bit too much not to be.

And finally, on the 11th, a fine young strapping Panamanian lad, (Pierre) is moving into our flat. So that’s that. Year one was a ridiculous learning experience, and I really can’t vocalize just how much it is we actually learned. Moreover, it’s actually applicable knowledge, which given whatever career I find myself in will undoubtedly help me in the future.

Oh yeah, and I’m really looking forward to the summer. Cheers.

By the way… this is Pierre.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Gabriel says:

    Hey, take care with the bike, the car drivers are natural born killers in Barcelona 🙂

  2. ... jacek ... says:

    Gracias, but honestly, I’m more worried about the other moto drivers out there. 🙂

  3. Miss Cellania says:

    Sweet lookin’ ride! I could say the same about your roommate… Best of luck in the business!

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