Term 3


Yeah, last post today… ok… I know you guys are dying to read more… ok well maybe not. But here is our class line up.

Corporate Finance
Global Marketing
Global Strategy
International Business and Corporate Law
Management Information Systems
Operations Strategy
Strategy Implementation
Trade and Investment in the World Economy

Corp. Finc. is no joke, and the prof, who also works in administrations is looking to make us work like crazy for our grades, MIS, which usually is a joke and / or a pushover class imo, is looking really interesting, Biz law, thus far has been very inciteful, and we have the same teacher from pre-term (making me wish I paid more attention back then), our prof. from Trade & Investment in the World Economy is awesome, an older gentleman, knowledgable and super cool, keeps everyone interested in the material. Global Mkting has thus far been inciteful, and am looking to learning more. As for the rest of the materials, really cant speak much as I’m tired and as we just started I’m still getting acclimated to all the classes, especially after these Porto and Romania vacations.

Speaking of whitch – pictures coming soon. – Cheers.


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  1. Grzesiek says:

    Hej, Hola!!Pozdrowienia! I am at IESE (the other best non-anglo B-school), taking Global Executive (!!!!) MBA. I’ll be in BCN from April 21 till May 5. Drop a line if at greg.golebiewski@iese.netCheers!

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