I'm going to South Africa, Cape Town, and oh yeah …. a


Is what I got on my Corporate Finance final. Not too shabby, but still not a hundred. Anyways, Portugal was interesting, Oporto historical quarter is dead, the houses are all falling down, no young people at all, just drunks, heroin addicts, and the old – as in old people. To be honest, I was shocked to see all this as the old city reminded me a bit of Ukraine, well, L’viv to be exact, run down and unmaintained. Going into the country the general gloom of Oporto’s city center was lifted, and the rolling hills in the Douro valley really were quite scenic, the wine was great, and the bacalao was everywhere, really you couldn’t get away. The beachfront, filled with young people, expensive cars, gave reasons a plenty as to why Brasil has so many good looking women.

Speaking of Brasil, I will not be going there for exchange, I was accepted to Cape Town, and will spend the latter part of this year studying, traveling, and learning how to surf in South Africa – the last being strictly dependent on whether my leg will recover from whatever injury it is I have. Basically, I’m limping everywhere, have a super tightness all over it, and pain 24/7. And I went to the doctor on Thursday – cyclobenzoprine, and an MRI.

In other news, I’ll be heading to Romania over Semana Santa for an 8 day long excursion into Transylvania, Wallachia, and Moldova, and during which I will probably get drunk on a Monday as it is my birthday. And the wheels on the clock go round and round. Wrinkles and gray hair are already starting to appear, what’s next, gravity taking over? Beh… I’m not liking this getting older nonsense.

And that’s about it, Term 3 has started, soon we’ll be ½ way through this damn MBA, and I can’t believe time is flying by so quickly. 18 Months in Barca is turning out to be nothing. Anyways, enough of my rambling, back to writing these bloody internship application cover letters.


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  1. Yaeli says:

    Have fun in Cape Town… And happy birthday!!!

  2. Clear Admit says:

    Hi Jacek! As you may have seen in our blog earlier today, your blog has been nominated for Clear Admit’s annual Best of Blogging Awards. You can find more information about the contest and a complete list of the nominees at http://blog.clearadmit.com/2007/04/best-of-blogging-nominees-2007/. Input from the nominees is a key part of establishing the final ranking, so we’d love to have you participate. If you’re interested in voting, simply email us at bestofblogging@clearadmit.com to receive a ballot. We look forward to hearing from you! Best, the Clear Admit team

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