I spent 45 minutes on the phone with dell tech support…


… in Spanish and all I got was a lousy hard drive. That is being shipped from the Netherlands. Today, we had our MPO (Managing People in Organization) final papers to hand in, and my PC’s desire to break down did no one, and by no one me, any help, especially since I had to rush rewriting the bloody thing. Meaning, I didn’t get to proof read it, and its final quality is far inferior to that what was lost due to hard drive failure. Thanks DELL!!!!!

We also had our Corp. Finance test today as well, which I think went pretty well, and tomorrow we have Operations Management in the morning, and Environmental Issues in the afternoon. We’ll see… and finally wednesday, Marketing in the Morning, which I’m a smidge worried about, esp. since I’m not the one doing the PPT design this time, and finally International Taxation, which OECD rules aside is proving alot easier to study for than I imagined. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t plan on going into tax, but at least I’ll get passing marks, which given OECD text (for anyone who has read it sans law degree will tell you) is not exactly Harry Potter and the MBA.

Then Thursday we’re off to Portugal for the weekend, and then the start of Term 3. Time flies when you’re in Barca. On the internship front, no Nr. 1 no Nr 2… a bit bummed about it. Had 1.5 interviews, but eh… and still no sign of life from the other companies that I’ve applied to. I’m inclined to think appropriating a chiringuito on the beach, say Bogatell, might not be such a bad idea. – And then there’s the option of just devoting myself to this business plan I’ve been fidgeting around with, and making my money promoting – promoting NY style of course, Barcelona is slowly starting to go Haute Couture – and what with the pathetic dollar, I may stay here after all.



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  1. Miss Cellania says:

    You’d be good at promoting New York style. A model with an MBA, how could anyone resist?

  2. Sara Garanty says:

    I want to be a link! Preferably with a headline: other cool blogs =)http://casadec.blogspot.com/Cheers!

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