Today was one of those special days…


Right, so we have Term 2 finals coming up next week, and this weekend sees the Barcelona version of the MBAT held at IESE. No football for me however, since I
totally messed up my leg a few weeks back doing just that, playing football. Instead I decided to devote this weekend to going over international taxation, finishing up
my MPO paper / final, and having an all round productive weekend hitting the books and preparing for the inevitable finals.

But… oh yes… but… sometime in the middle of the night as I was defragmenting my hard disk, the Windows Blue Screen of Death appeared, ok no big… happens.
Well in my case, this resulted in me not being to log back into Windows, or being able to finish my paper, or download any of the material I needed to from the intranet.
Instead I spend 45 minutes on the phone with Dell tech support in the U.S. that I had to pay for – 1.800 numbers arent free when dialing from abroad, and the Spanish
Dell was closed until Monday. Now… If I had nothing better to do than hang around and socialize, I probably would have left it at that, but as my access to the web, my
docs, etc… is directly correlated to how well I do, I’ve spent the last 6 hours, first trying to get into my PC, to do this I had to reinstall Windows, and then figure out
in safe mode, how to hack into my other accounts in Windows installation numero uno, and back it all up. Oh… and I found out via the nice people at Dell that
my HDD is done for. I’m going to reinstall everything on a new formatted partition after I back it all up now, but I need a new drive anyways – more useless PC work coming my way…. oh happy days ahead. I’m so pissed off… at least I managed to get my files…

I swear, prospective MBA students, GET A MAC!!!!!!!


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  1. Yaeli says:

    Poor Jacek! I too have regular computer troubles but I’m not desperate to get a mac yet… I just can’t work out how to drive the damn things.Hope you get things sorted.

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