Lessons hard learned


Starting off, Andorra was fun, I tried snowboarding for the 1st time and should have just stuck with skiing, it was an absolute disaster and I spent most of the first day on my arse. The second day saw a wonderful fun filled day at Caldea (biggest spa in Europe – http://www.caldea.com/) and unlike the pictures on their website, there are no floating lemons.

Moving on, I lost the elections for Social VP. I had 43% of the vote, and only about 36% of the population went out and actually voted – so where did I fail? Not getting my supporters to the poles, I was basically the better candidate, but with people saying “Dude, it’s fine, there’s no competition, you’ll win” and not voting, basically led to Jimena taking the spot from me. Good luck, and good riddance. (Kidding, best of luck to her, and if she needs any help I’m there to help her out)

Finally, yesterday saw two things. One was a quiz in Corp. Finance, which would have went quite well if I had remembered how to use my stupid BAII Plus Financial Calculator, I knew what to do and how to do it, but my periods per year were reset to 12, and should have been 1. Oh stupid stupid…; and then there was my phone interview for one of my top 1st firms. How did it go? I haven’t a clue. Maybe, poorly, maybe well… we’ll find out in 7-10 days; but the interviewer ended it with “I wish you the best of luck in your future career”. So what’s that mean? I got it, or I didn’t. Flarghf… I hate ambiguity.


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  1. Miss Cellania says:

    I don’t even know where Andorra is, and I want to go there! I bet it’s one of those countries that didn’t exist when I was studying geography in school. There are a lot of them.

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