Wait… am I really this motivated? What happened? These MBA's are amazing!!!


OK, so I passed Spanish and am now in the last module before I terminate my classroom learning of the language, French, German or Russian next. We had our career forum, which went well, but… I’m super swamped. Have a huge presentation in Managing People in Organizations tomorrow, then another huge presentation in Environment, I’ve taken it upon myself to put together the ESADE football team consisting of 1st years, 2nd years and the Part Time program, and after last weeks more than pathetic showing, we really need some vision, leadership, and a lot of training sessions. This weekend we’re also going to Andorra – skiing, well snowboarding for me, and that involves a visit to decathlon (sports store) tomorrow, just don’t know when, and I’m still to write my speech for social VP. Freggin A. But for kicks, here’s my campaign poster, that – I have to print out tomorrow.

And on a final note… lemme tell you, Barcelona’s great, but there is truly something I miss about NYC, and I quote from e-mail. …

Party Animals,

With its thousands of shows, aftershows, cocktails, afterparties, afterparties of afterparties, models and fashionatas running all around the city, the Fashion Week will always be a special week in New York.. At least for party animals like us!

We’ll start tonight at PM with Phillip Bloch & Nick Cannon’s 07 Fall/Winter Party, then we’ll have Q Models Fashion Week Party at Room Service with special DJ Guest and Grammy Award Winner Hex Hector, on Friday our favourite Azzurri DJ Massi will be back at Manor for an all night long session, and to finish the week our Class Saturdays at Room Service. Dress to impress, its Fashion Week!


Aaaah, the good ‘ol life. Cheers.


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  1. Miss Cellania says:

    Your energy amazes me. Best of luck in the election!

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