Internships, Andorra y Español


So, anyone know a CEO at a major energy company? Cause daddy needs an internship. I’ve been sending out applications and although a no response is probably better than a ding, it’s still not great, and after all industry does start after consulting and i-banking.

Thus far, I’ve heard back from a company that in my book is tied for the No.1 internship and employment spot, and I’m short listed for an interview, which is good, but not great as I’d like not to have to worry about this any more.

In other news, we’re going skiing in Andorra after the career forum, I’ve got my exam in Español this afternoon, which I’m neither prepared on unprepared for. It is grammar so it will undoubtedly be a killer, but the fact that I can have conversations about Chavez, energy, movies, and god knows what else bears good news about my abilities in Castellan. Whether I can write a report on the subject matter with the same sense and clarity as I have in English, is another story.


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