Marks are in – passed all my classes :)


They showed up today, and I passed all of them, most were in the 8’s, one in the 7’s and two in the 6’s, and I even pulled off a 8.1 in Financial Analysis :O; though I was a bit surprised with the poor mark in AQM. Could I have done better, probably, am I happy with what I got, I suppose so, term II is shaping up to be a walk in the part for me, so I should be able to bring my overall grade up a bit, and I also can’t believe the lack of a 9 in Marketing, freggin’ B.S. At least I won’t have to take makeup classes like some other people this year. I do feel bad for them though, I really do.


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  1. Miss Cellania says:

    Congratulations! I knew you would do well.

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