Prawie że niewiarygodne / Nearly incredible


Więc tak, ogulnie to po Polsku chciałem dzisiejszy blog na pisać bo parę dziennikarek miało ze mną wywiad o ESADE do jakiejgoś Polskiego periodku skolasycznego. No poprawia się zycie, poprawia się. Ale bo moja kochana klawiatura Della nie jest ustawiona na jezyk Polski, i mi sie obecnie nie chce jej ustawiać, to konczę i przestawiam się znów na Angielski… więc… sory.

Now for the Anglophones and everyone else, sorry about my last few titles; I know I haven’t been all that creative lately. But! I have some amazing news. 1st of all the final in Competition and Strategy went well, I finished it, some others did not, for lack of time, and there’s another course closer to having an MBA behind my name.

But here’s the rub. Some Polish journalists came through ESADE today, interviewed the program director, and as I am Polish and all that, the administration asked me to briefly meet with them, I did and was unexpectedly interviewed. I was basically asked to talk about my decision to attend ESADE, specifically why there, what I found most interesting about the program, and like I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, it’s the personal attention that the student gets, and the languages. They took some pictures of yours truly and if all goes well I’ll get my 1st quote in a Polish publication at the age of 27. How cool is that.

Afterwards, I heard from the Program Manger, Jeroen Verhoeven that the visit went very well, and honestly, even though I was a bit distraught, just glad I could help.


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  1. Siraj says:

    Hey .. nice blog u got there.. was lookin for blogs of ppl from ESADE.. i hav applied to ESADE and was lookin for more info … n wud u by any chance hav any contact details of students from india??Thanks a ton.-Sirajp.s: pls mail me ur email id

  2. Miss Cellania says:

    Congratulations on the final! And if possible, I hope you can post a link to the newspaper or magazine when your artice is ready.

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