Le update


Competition and strategy is over, and now the real deal starts. We still have the final tomorrow in competition and strategy, and we’ll see how that goes, probably well as the book is an interesting read.

The 1st weekend back was pretty tame and we had a little shin dig in my apartment where the social gap between ESADE and IESE was bridged, yes, we had a mixed party, and no one left with any broken ligaments, this Sunday’s football match, may turn out otherwise. Kidding, but it was nice to mingle, and cleaning up on Sunday was less than fun.

The new term classes are ok so far, Managing People in Organizations is much more exciting than International Business Law, but then again I feel the same way about law as I do about getting the stomach flu, meaning both make me feel a bit ill, but the stuff today about double taxation will undoubtedly prove useful. Death and taxes and all that. Next up is Español, and then an entrepreneurial networking session with Babson exchange students.

In other news, I’m 100% going into energy, and I’m really keeping my fingers crosses about BP and RDS (Royal Dutch Shell) and have found a few other smaller, greener and really interesting companies here that would also be good places to spend the summer months interning.

As it’s term two and all, I’ve also been thinking a bit about an exchange. South Africa, specifically so I can get a grasp of life / work in Africa, too bad they don’t have MBA programs in Angola or the DRC. That would really be fun.


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