Back in the saddle again


New York, New York. Vacation was good, saw my parents, saw my cat, saw my friends, stomped the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan, and it sure is good to be back in Europe. Especially after the fiasco that was Morocco – 10 days of pure and utter adventure. So much fun.

I flew out of NYC on the 28th, stopover in London Gatwick morning of the 29th, Barcelona, argued with the cab driver on the way home cause he decided to take me through mid day traffic hell instead of taking the Ronda and then Diagonal as I had asked. Dropped off my bags (yes bags, my initial luggage never left the Barcelona airport), then back to the airport for a flight to Malaga, met my traveling companions at the airport then to Algeceiras, and finally a ferry to in Tanger on the 30th.

The following few days saw us sleeping in a hotel without windows, going over the Atlas Mts. in a bus without heating and an open window (it was – 4C), sleeping 2 days under tents in the desert, eating amazing food and going by camel to an oasis. Then we missed the bus from Erfoud to Ouzazate as it was broken and by 1980 Mercedes taxi with a cabby who spoke only Berber to Ouazazate, there one night, super experiences with the locals and to Marrakech, where we amazingly enough found an amazing Riyadh for 20€ a person and spent two amazing days there. From Marrakech to Casa Blanca by train, and another two days in Casa at Paloma’s friends house, meeting the family and eating the most amazing couscous ever and then back to Tanger, on a train that was late, without sleep, and finally Spain where another member of our party had some visa issues.

Finally we got back to Barcelona Monday circa midnight and the following day school, which thus far has been kicking us in the gluteus maximus, i.e. working on a project this past Tuesday until 12:30 at night, and still not finishing it, then scrambling to get it done during lunch to get it done, and that is that. It’s good to be back in Barcelona, the weather is amazing, clear blue skies, and it’s fantastic to see everyone again.

Finally, the desert is such a place that you cant help but be at least a little touched. For me, I did some soul searching, and while music, media, advertising and such is all good and well, I think I’m going to focus once again on the energy sector. After all, I am zealously passionate about it and it’s just easier to change the world that way, and any who, that’s what I always wanted to do.

Oh… and I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. Cheers.


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  1. Miss Cellania says:

    What wonderful adventures you’re having! One of these days, you’ll look back and say how glad you are that you did all that while you were young.

  2. ... jacek ... says:

    Thanks… but I think I’m getting hooked on adventure, so it’s very foreseeable that I’ll travel in the 3rd world for many years to come. I do recommend it though, it’s so much more fun than the usual…

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