What a wonderful and merry x-mas we've had


I’m back in NY, oh much later than I was supposed to be, I have no luggage as it’s either still in Barcelona, Heathrow, JFK or Newark, meaning I had no presents for my family, or no socks to wear, no sweaters, no shirts, underwear… well you can imagine. I had to sleep in Heathrow because the wonderful people at el Prat (the BCN airport) didn’t inform me of the gate change (refer to previous post). Also, I probably ate something rotten or with salmonella or some other form of bacteria which made my stomach turn, churn and bubble. I haven’t been able to keep food down for the past 3 days, best of all it being x-mas and all, I really don’t want to eat any of the yummy food my mum cooked up. The only bright side to all this is knowing that people in L.A. pay for their bodies to go through the type of cleansing that I’m experiencing. Never again will I eat Airport food… ever….

… oh and being off coffee really is not doing me any good either. And last thing… I really don’t like the holidays.


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  1. Miss Cellania says:

    Man oh man, Jacek! You worked so hard in school, then have a crappy vacation as your reward. I hope you are feeling better by now!

  2. scarlett says:

    jajajajja me too

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