What I learned during term one


So today saw the culmination of our exams, wrapping up this hell week was Marketing, and not to blow smoke up mine or anyone else’s arse, but we’re in the running for the best presentation out of the lot. Nice! But then again that’s what working on a presentation for three days, writing an original song for it, and going over it and over it and over it will do for you, and it should be a nice addition to my OB & AQM grades to leverage that god awful managerial accounting grade. If you haven’t noticed I’m still mad at myself about that.

So finally, it’s over, and I’m still at the bloody airport, I missed my first flight because the wonderful people at El Prat (the BCN airport) didn’t care to share with the general public that the boarding gate was changed. So I’ve been here, on 3 hours of sleep, paying way too much for internet access, definitely not sending out my econ paper, because quite frankly I need to review it, and telling you some of the more interesting things that I learned this first term at ESADE. The following is strictly an opinion so please take it with a grain of salt.

I learned …
1. … how to make frozen oven baked pizza seem like a gourmet meal by putting all sorts of condiments on it – when you eat it 3-4 times a week, you improvise.
2. … to absolutely despise jamon serrano, patatas bravas, and for that matter approximately 72.41% of tapas dishes in Placa Ruis i Taulet.
3. … how to say beet in Czech from the bartender at the bar below my flat, it’s řepa.
4. … to hang clothes out to dry, that usually never dry, especially now.
5. … to unconditionally never get my whites white when washing them, even with at least liter of bleach.
6. … to understand that a bocadillo, is more than a baguette with an uninspiring piece of meat thrown in for good measure, but a subtle experience, esoteric in nature, similar in fact to laying in a bed of thistle burrows and dreaming the composition of the universe. Or at least that what I told myself because I had to eat the damn things every day.
7. … that working from 8am to 10pm, just doesn’t seem so bad any more; 8am-2am on the other hand, is still a bitch.
8. … that a lot of people in Catalunya are named Jordi, and Xavi.
9. … to swear like a seasoned sailor in Español.
10… that coming here, to Spain, and to ESADE, has been one of the most rewarding, tough, inspiring, stressful, joyful, emotional, inspirational, driving, active verb adding experiences of my life, and I recommend it to anyone.

Oh… and apparently my flight was just pushed back another ½ hour. Now, I leave at 23:20 for Heathrow. YEY!!!!!!


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