Finals go as finals go…


…and today saw a 180º turnaround from yesterday’s fiasco. Applied Quant went well, I’m confident I did well, how well I can’t say, but well enough to get a B, maybe B+ on the final.

Then we had Organizational Behaviour, which looked to all of us like a cloud of impending doom, hovering ever so gently, preparing to reign its terror on the MBA 1st years of ESADE, and apparently for many it was just that. For me luckily, the class was similar in nature to the Philosophy studies I did at Tulane, and therefore my mind was adjusted to that specific type of thinking, not to mention that I also greatly enjoyed the class. The exam was four questions essay style, and I’m sure I got full marks in 3 of the four, with the last mark in the upper end percentiles. Overall, I’d love to see an A in this one, and should my marks be below it, I will be pretty disappointed in myself.

We also finished our marketing presentation, touched up the little tidbits, here’s and there’s and now I’m on my way to finish my economics paper, and pack. Life is good. Well it’s busy, but good as well; anyways, at least a pleasant experience to offset the disaster that was Managerial Accounting.



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