… the s*** has hit the fan, or so the saying goes.


While I would like to say that my finals have been going as smoothly as a baby’s bottom, the truth is, it’s not the case. Monday was Financial Analysis, the end all be all mother of the 1st term, and leaving the final I felt very confident, however, talking with my classmates, we all soon came to the conclusion that each of us had omitted minor details here and there. Leading us to question our elated sense of worth soon after finishing the 1st exam of the day. Following we had, our Geopolitics presentations, I was assigned Turkey, and while I think we covered the vast amount of material, we missed some very important issues, the prospects of future governments, infrastructure, and tourism – pass definitely, but….

There goes the A. Also, I think I passed Financial Analysis, I answered each question correctly as to my knowledge, and analyzed each situation, I just feel that I omitted some details that would have secured me a higher grade. Not to mention, they grade tough, really tough.

Then we come to today – Managerial Accounting. Thus far, quizzes, class work etc… has been a breeze, think I did exceptionally well on the quizzes but today’s exam, saw, what I can only describe as a brain fart. I was clueless, literally, I knew the application, I knew how to approach the problems, but I just didn’t. I studied last night, went over the problems, the slides, some of the readings, and today, as we say in Polish “kicha”. I bombed it. I don’t know why, and to be honest, I’m freaking out about the final grade, I was confident yesterday, so much so, of a B as the worst case scenario, now, I just hope I pass. Crap.

So what now. Tomorrow sees Applied Quantitative Models (AQM), and Organizational Behavior, both tough, and AQM’s exam is +1 point for every question correct -.8 points for every question wrong. Joy! So here’s to going over homeworks, re-reading cases, and hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. With OB, that’s a whole different story, the class was astoundingly interesting, but as to what will be on the exam? Essay style, one topic from everything we covered. When are we supposed to study for this??? Went over my summaries, and hope it will be enough, will read them again before bed, and between tomorrow’s exams. Moving on, we finally finished our AQM project today, it looks good, and to tell you the truth working on it was fun, it was like playing consultant to a NGO. We had to design the whole implementation process of a campaign and get the government to pass a directive to apply 0.7% of it’s GDP to developing the third world. Cool huh?

Then there’s the issue of the still incomplete econ paper, hopefully after tomorrow’s marketing presentation run through, I’ll have some time to sit down and write it, it’s only 10 pages. Whoever said MBA’s were easy didn’t do it at ESADE.

Keep your fingers crossed – and I still need to work on LEAD. Good thing I have a long flight.

And if you’re wondering how I had time to write all this. Simple, the metro.


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