D-Day is Upon us…


Tomorrow sees finals in Financial Analysis and Geopolitics, and we have 2 finals every day, until Thursday, when we have our final Marketing presentations. Do I feel ready for all these exams? Not really. Have I studied? Yes. Do I want more time? Oh yes!

But unfortunately time is something that there tends to be too little of. So we will see… look over the rest of my notes tonight and hope for the best, with some luck, and a stroke of genius I think I’ll do well, and yes, we’re all freaking out about tomorrow’s exams.

On the bright side however, we finished our Marketing presentation, and if I’m right, here comes another A. Basically we pushed MS Powerpoint to its limits, and from a personal standpoint, I think it’s an old vestige of a program. They really should have us do all these things in Adobe InDesign. Anyways, included find 2 slides from our presentation on “Ray Ban – Custom”. Pretty cool huh? And we even went so far as to record a tune for it.

Wish us luck people… – Cheers.


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  2. ... jacek ... says:

    thanks, I’m gonna need it 🙂

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