Finals Time


Monday sees our last week of term 1, and then we have finals 2 exams a day, Monday through Thursday. Obviously, there is going to be a celebration after we all finish, and one that I will be missing due to being en route to New York, good thing too. All this studying is making me really need some time off.

Truth be told, I’m stressing out a little bit about the finals, especially Financial Analysis, as I heard from 2nd years that anywhere from 25-80% of the class failed it last year. Then there’s the Econ term paper which I don’t know how to start, and Organizational Behavior which if our assessments are correct will probably kick our behinds, especially since professor is extremely demanding.

On the other side, I’m fairly confident that Geopolitics, Applied Quantitative Models, and Marketing will all be passed with flying colors, and could even include Managerial Accounting in that list as well. Overall though, a tough two weeks ahead and I still haven’t managed to get any Christmas shopping done, maybe Sunday.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. NotCarrie says:

    I’ll think good exam thoughts for you:)

  2. Yaeli says:

    Good luck with your finals! I Hope everything goes well for you and you enjoy your well earned break in NY.

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