So, I’ve been asked by Social from MBASA (Student Association) to design their flyers. I did the 1st one for Halloween and now one for the Holidays, it’s nice you know, to give back and use my talents for the betterment of mankind ;). Kidding, but I do like it, and it is fun. Also, we had our 1st Entrepreneurial Club meeting this past Friday, there’s a lot to accomplish, but everyone is motivated and it looks like we can make a large impact on the club this year – so I’ll say that I’m a bit excited about that as well.

That’s more or less it, we had our 1st Managerial Accounting Test this week, and I think it went fairly well. I’m loving Geopolitics more with every coming session and am a bit sad that it has to end in December, and same goes for Organizational Behavior, which really should be called Business Philosophy. So much fun!

And now I leave you with a smidgebit of my artistic work.


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  1. Miss Cellania says:

    Sounds like you are making an impression over there! How many languages did you have to print that in?

  2. NotCarrie says:

    Sandy Claws!

  3. ... jacek ... says:

    yerp, sammy clause, and just one language, but they negged the design since it came out that they wanted something more conservative, as the administration’s funding the thing. Oh and I can’t really redesign it as I have waaaay too much schoolwork to deal with presently. i.e. I come home at 11pm and am at achool at 8:45am too busy, and still need to do HW. How lame is that!

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