Work, work and more work… but some play as well.


Ok, so 1st off, sorry for not writing, but life’s a bit busy these days, and if not for installing my printer right now, I wouldn’t have time to write this little here diddy. So, life love, and the MBA, right? Something like that. And before I continue, I’d like to say, that ESADE’s cultural mix, the people, and culture are a perfect mix. I can honestly say that I absolutely could not, have made a better choice. Everyone is super cool! Including the Administration 😮

So we’re in full swing, right, classes are disastrously engaging, which is good, the work is piled on in mounds and mounds, and we have a career forum today (Monday) and tomorrow. Today was i-banking and tomorrow we have consulting. I’m personally looking forward to the McKinsey and BCG presentations. I don’t think I’ll wind up trying to go for McKinsey as they’re core focus isn’t really what interests me, but none the less, the organization is a global leader and I am curious to see their pitch.

Then, we have an option to go to India, as well as Singapore with a business plan competition. I’ve submitted my name along with Jay (You’ll hear about him more in the future now that I’m commited to renewing this place of cyberspace) for the India thing and am still considering whether or not to join a group of other 1st years with the Singapore project.

What else has been happening? Hrm… well ok, before pre-term started we had a few days break, so a whole bunch of us cut out of Barcelona, some went up north to Basque country, some to the Pyrenees, me… I went down to Valencia with my roommate, Ben. I figured, it’s getting colder so south, should be warmer. Which it was. Valencia, by itself is a cool little town, and I recommend it to anyone. – check out photos on my flickr. And while down there, I ran into two guys from the MBA while walking down the beach, Kean from Singapore and Chun-Yi from Taiwan. Good times.

Ok.. so back to the present. I have to say that I’m somewhat excited about the whole Halloween thing, ESADE’s MBASA (dont mind the website) is throwing a shin dig, and MBASA shin digs tend to be pretty good, so I’ve been working on my costume. I’m going as “Love”. But I’ve also decided to lend a helping hand and design the flyers, just need Eileen to get back to me with a couple of things before I can bang them out all quick like and what not.

Oh, and I’m entertaining the option of starting a media & entertainment club here at ESADE if I can get a few others interested – and just in case anyone cares, all my future plans went to nothing a month in (minus that presidency thing), there are so many doors, so many paths, and options, I’m like a kid in a candy store.

Anyways, sorry if this post was a bit skitzo, but I only had a few minutes. Now back to that Applied Quantitative Models HW. Fun Fun Fun! (I’m serious, it’s really cool, in that total dork kinda way)

Oh and we’re once again top 10 in the BW International rankings.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, could I ask you how many I-banks visited Esade ?In addition, could you provide their names? Many thanks.Regards, Cosmin

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