In the beginning – and we’re numero dos after Harvard!


In the beginning – and we’re numero dos after Harvard!

ESADE officially took off last Monday, and I have to say that I am very pleseantly impressed. From day one we were overwhelmed with massive amounts of work. For example last Monday I got home at 10pm – strictly from doing work on the 1st day of the program. This work, for all you who would like to inquire – was mostly in the nature of career services – we have to have our resumes in by the 5th in both English and Spanish. Consulting and I-Banking week after all starts October 16th. And we have to get ourselves prepared.

Tuesday and Wednesday saw us off to Cardona for a “getting to know your classmates / team-building sessions” – which as it turns out also involved some drinking afterwards at the local bar by the entire class, which in turn led to a very hard Wednesday in the sun (more team-building this time in the form of adult LEGO – trust me it was a blast).

Thursday we came back to more career services information sessions, and started with our CV reviews and pictures. Friday involved a lawyer info session for all the foreigners (aka non EU citizens) and a cultural awareness session along with more CV review.

But these are just the mundane semantics. I will say that the program is impressive, really impressive, you see that everyone at the school, admin, education, etc… resources and such, are really there to make the MBA as worthwhile as possible, the CSC (career services center) boasts a wealth of resources, so many in fact that now looking back at Tulane, it was laughable. ESADE rips it apart hands down, but I digress, and I’m rambling, and Introduction to Business Law is about to start, so I have to go.

Oh, and we’re No. 2 in HR right behind Harvard, and again top 5 in Europe. Check it here.


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  1. NotCarrie says:

    I like to learn and do well in school, but I hate doing work…especially reading. Blech!Impressive how good your program is, though:)

  2. Miss Cellania says:

    Good goin’, Jacek! Off to a fine start.

  3. ... jacek ... says:

    Thanks people. 🙂 Much appreciated. And I luckily placed out of a class, hopefully will place out of 1-2 more… easier workload 🙂

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