Too much money? Let's invest it!


I’ve recently been looking over my finances, and not really knowing how much I would need for my 1st year in Spain, I decided it would be better to take out more than less. So now I’m stuck with 35.000 € in my bank account, collecting nothing more than – digital banking dust, and I still have enough USD in my old bank to get me through, I would say, October – while living decently enough.

So what’s a poor MBA student to do? Well the logical thing, at least in my mind would be to put that money to work. No need to have it sitting there, when I could throw it in a growth fund, money market or something else of the sort… even better, spread it out, so that I can hedge the risk in putting the cash into Emerging Markets, Eastern Europe, and India…

… so, looks like it’s time to do a bit of research with what investment options are available to me here in good ‘ol BCN, and see if I can capitalize on this extra cash, and maybe lower my overall debt, while still in school. After all, once it’s in there, it only takes about 30 min’s a day to check on how your cash is doing.


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  1. Yaeli says:

    Feel free to donate that money to the Yaeli’s Pocket Foundation. We guarantee that the money will only be spent to benfit Yaeli and her loved ones.

  2. ... jacek ... says:

    that’s all good and well, except for the fact that all that money is interest accruing debt, so by me investing it, all I’m doing in reality is counterbalancing it, and hoping that given my investments are good, the amount of debt I’ll be taking for next year will be less. So… it’s not like I’m not leaving spain with appx 100k USD worth of bills to pay….

  3. Yaeli says:

    And does that prevent you “investing” your money in me?

  4. ... jacek ... says:

    no. however the ROI is not exactly what im looking for

  5. Yaeli says:

    Well it wouldn’t be much of an investment I’ll admit… It’d be more of a donation… :o)

  6. ... jacek ... says:

    and therein lays the prblem…

  7. sirreene says:

    Since they charge you for EVERYTHING there, they will charge you for investing and watching your $. So better not look at your investments too often or you’ll end up broke.

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