Busy, busy, busy.


Wow… so vacation right? Seriously, no so… I’ve done most I had to do with school, and last minute they changed the start date on us. Which in all, did not make me too happy as I was to be in Poland at the time, and had to change my itinerary. Regardless. School starts on the 28th now, and I’m really looking forward to it. Though I am sure it will be A LOT of work. 

So, I’ve straightened everything out with the bank, and should be getting my cash this Friday, which won’t really be in there much longer, since I have to dish out the entire apartment move in fee. A Whopping 9.150€, that’s appx 11,500 USD. OUCH! Right… but I will be getting a good chunk of it back from the roommates and will be getting the rest of my share when we move out. The flat is amazing, 140sq m. in Gracia… a cool nifty little neighborhood right in the center of the city… and close to everything. Muy importante. Btw… that’s my living room. 300€ a month… HA!!! In NY…? HA!!!!

I’m learning Spanish at an alarming rate which is really wonderful, as the sooner I don’t have to take Spanish at ESADE the sooner, I can start taking French at ESADE. Which as some of you know, is somewhat invaluable as I want to move to Luxembourg or Paris after this little MBA fiasco. This is – of course – given I can’t land a job here in Spain that’ll pay me close to 85000€. An unlikely, but not impossible feat. Basically, I’m not settling for anything less that $100k.

Now… once I get my keys, it’s off to the city council to get my NIE, and then only, the drivers license remains, but as the city is small, the public transportation good and cheap, and my particular dislike for driving… this is not something to stress about.

So… that’s about it… wish I were playing tourist a bit more, and had a bit more free time, but such is life. Oh… and I’m really glad I came here when I did. Doing all this while school is going to be in session is just asking for torture. Good luck guys! 😉


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  1. Miss Cellania says:

    I hope you’ll be able to get to Poland earlier! Don’t discuss your future finances (knock wood), or you won’t be able to beat the goldiggers off!

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