The Perils of Living in Spain…


Not that I would really know what they are since I’ve been here a whopping week, but an update none the less. First, I would like to send a big great thank you to a nameless blogger who in her magnificent niceness donated $25.oo to my MBA Monetary Relief Fund.

Other than that, I have some pics of ESADE and Barcelona up on my flickr site, and should any of you like to see them the link is here. Other then that, things are progressing nicely, I think I’ve found an apartment, and quite the spiffy one at that, located in Gracia, close to Diagonal, metro’s and the such. It’s big, has plenty of light and plenty of space, including a parking one – that I’m thinking about subletting out – I mean hey, if it covers the cost of bills, why the frek not.

And finally, a friend from the States was in BCN this week, got to spend some time with her, which was a nice relief from stumbling my way though Castilian. Anywyas – plan for tonight – book and a cup of tea. I’m saving money, and tomorrow, I want to play tourist.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. sirreene says:

    Thanks for the photos and have fun playing tourist.

  2. NewYorkMoments says:

    You moved!

  3. Sky says:

    Hey there sweetie, sounds like all is going well. Great pics by the way!

  4. Sarah Hill says:

    Soo I came across your blog and I had a couple questions. I’m planning on moving to spain and renting a villa through /* illegal link */. I know I want to live in Mallorca, but I’m not sure what all I need to do to prepare myself. Any tips?

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