Wait? I'm leaving the country!!! and how moving & packing is my nemesis!!1


I don’t think it’s quite settled in yet, but I just came to the realization that I’m leaving the country. Not for a little vacation, a month, an exchange program or some backpacking tour, but at the least two whole years, and more likely indefinitely.

You see, I had this going away party, and a number of friends had asked me if I was excited, or looking forward to it, and all I said, was “meh, not really” – thing is, I should probably be losing my mind, as moving is considered as one of the most stressful activities in life. But who gets stressed out by moving?

It’s annoying, sure, but stressful? Pffft. Garbage! This is my 3rd move in less than 18 months, and if anything, it won’t be the stress, but the packing that’ll leave me with a stroke and poor motor function.

Which I started doing yesterday, packing that is, not having a stroke, and once again, I am reminded how much I utterly detest the activity. Putting all your useless garbage into little boxes, throwing the most useless of the useless garbage out and trying to sell anything worth selling has become such an irritating chore that I can’t even express, especially since I last had this exercise in November.
But that’s why we go get our MBA’s to move ahead in life, prosper, and hopefully pay people to do all this god awful packing for us… anyways, I digress, there’s a cold beer and a box waiting for me.

Lets hope I stay in the same flat for the two years I’m in BCN… until next time, wishing all the other MBAers out there the best.


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  1. sirreene says:

    3rd move in 18 months? You probably never unpacked and should be a master at moving! and not having much in the way of collectibles ~

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