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From, June 21st.

European union

France’s HEC School of Management and Spain’s ESADE business school, already close collaborators, have decided to increase their cooperation substantially. Under a new agreement, students will have the opportunity to study for a time at both schools and take advantage of joint programmes abroad in Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. The schools will jointly recruit and develop new faculty, and they will also collaborate on teaching and research. Bernard Ramanantsoa, the dean of HEC, told the Financial Times that the schools may also launch new executive-education programmes in countries such as the United States.”

This is fantastic news, and really opens up the market for all us ESADE students in France, and should they open centres in the US, it will only increase the ESADE name brand even more. Truth be told, I’m somewhat giddy hearing this news 🙂 Giddy indeed.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Chun-Yi says:

    hey what a good news.It probably increase my opportunityto find a job in Europe.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Who gives a fuck!

  3. ... jacek ... says:

    Wow… what a verbose, eloquent, and thought through statement by one mr. anonymous. Baffling – Really…

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