How I love my new laptop let me count the ways


Having had a Dell Inspiron 8200 for the past three years, and never having any problems with it, I opted to go for another Dell. Sure I did my research, read about the HP’s the Sony VAIO’s Toshibas, and even snagged a look at the new Intel based Macs. But all in all Dell was just the best choice. So what did I get?

A Dual Core Inspiton E1505, it weighs 6.5 lbs and is one fast little rocket. Under the hood I have the following.

2 T2400 Dual Core CPU’s @ 1.83GHz
1022 MB Ram (1 GB)
100 MB HDD @ 7200 RPM
ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 256MB Ram

Then I went ahead installed non manufacturer drivers, Tweaked XP a bit using Tune XP, and the thing cooks like a mofo, is fast and the battery life is just amazing. So for anyone looking to get a new notebook for school, I can, will and do wholeheartedly recommend this notebook. Additionally, I got a great deal on it, as I made sure to buy it with all the fixins, and when doing so, Dell was offering coupons that took 30% off the total price, which led me to pay about $1,700.00 for the whole thing.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Miss Cellania says:

    I bet that party was awesome.Barcelona made this list of the world’s wildest cities.

  2. adrenalin says:

    My choice too. and so is ESADE.;) Maybe it has something to do with being born under the same sign.. April 5. ;)See you in Spain.

  3. ... jacek ... says:

    Haha… Miss Cellania, i tend to have a problem of getting myself into cities that tend to be detrimental to my health, i.e. New Orleans, NY, now Barcelona :/ Ungh… Haha…. nice nice Adrenalin, I guess we will absolutely have to have different wallpapers so we dont mistakingly switch out laptops ;P And yeah man, hasta a Espana.

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