Adios Amedica – My Farewell Sendoff…


I’m flying out on the 6th, and my sendoff parte’ is on Saturday. Should be good times, I’m having people from life and work coming, the mingling will undoubtedly be interesting. Other intersting individuals who are showing up are the two guys I’m headed to school with, Misha and Jason, as well as future IESE student Niko, and I invited the 4th New Yorker, Paloma, a new additon to the ESADE class to come as well. If it doesn’t rain, should be good times. * if the freggin weather gets any better, I’m so sick of this rain! Posted by Picasa


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Miss Cellania says:

    Um, I hope you will continue to post here from Barcelona. Will you?

  2. ... jacek ... says:

    of course…

  3. Allen Edwards says:

    I’m jealous. Have fun, and thanks for the info. FYI, I linked you back.

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