Another one bites the dust, and $700.oo, sorry $800.oo


I don’t think that I’ve ever adequately expressed how much in fact I despise having roommates. It’s not so much the living with someone else that bothers me; in fact all I need to be happy is the following, (A) a clean bathroom and kitchen, (B) some personal space, i.e. my own room, and (C) utilities to be paid on time.

Now (B) never really seems to be a problem, there was a time when I live in a musician building where my Sundays were usually filled with god awful progressive cello rehearsal, or my next door neighbor playing Chopin the way Chopin never meant to be played (trust me I’m Polish, I know my Chopin) but other than that one time, it’s been pretty decent.

Now… (A) Cleanliness, why that’s a whole other issue. I personally don’t care if my roommate(s) personal living quarters look as if a miniature Hurricane Katrina has passed though, but the living room, the living room however I can deal with, it’s the bathroom. The one thing I cannot stand is a filthy bathroom. My past three roommates have not been able to maintain a level of normal decency in the loo. No. 1 Puked all over it, and then tried to blame me. How??? He was out the next day, with all his crap in the hallway (this was the music building, and there were 3 of us there beside him) No. 2 Was better, but no picnic, he couldn’t really hit the toilet while urinating, and after about a week, it would start smelling like any outer borough subway station entrance. At least he’d clean up after himself. And Mr. Current, No. 3 is so lackluster in the intelligence dept. (Male model, explains it all – right) that even after numerous discussions and even actual physical demonstrations on “flushing the toilet”, the buffoon still manages to leave piss in the toilet, and clogs the john at least once a week. How? I ask how, how, how???? Normally, I’d tell him to leave, but as I’m leaving…. Well. Oh and doing dishes, well to all it was about as foreign as Mandarin Chinese.

And finally (C) – the payment of utilities. For some reason, I’ve had the bad luck of landing with two individuals since November, who do not quite grasp the concept of paying on time. My previous roommate, while paying utilities left with an outstanding balance of $1400.oo to the landlord, and Mr. Idjit Model just lost his job, so he can’t pay this months, meaning his security is going to cover this months rent – and I’m left wondering if I’ll at least get the cable/internet money out of this numbnuts before he / I leave.

Oh … and as you can guess, the outstanding balance of $1400.oo – has not been paid, and has basically made my deposit of $700.oo defunct, and while I indicated to Mssr. Landlord that getting a collection agency on my old roommate would be the best thing to do, he is apprehensive as there’s a good chance this place I live in is leased illegally. – Oh, the joys of NY living.

So. I’m thinking, incur the extra cost of a studio or 1br in Barça, and live alone, or pray that whoever I wind up with will at least have the common decency to flush the toilet and pay the rent? Decisions, decisions.

BTW – I’m getting my 700.oo bucks, + the 100.oo for cable – even if I have to sell his shit, call his parents, kill his hamster, whatever! (No he really doesn’t have a hamster)


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  1. Miss Cellania says:

    Ha! Try living with kids. They make a mess in the bathroom, don’t contribute any to expenses, and refuse to give me any personal space (even in the bathroom). And you CAN’T throw them out!If you decide on living with roommates in Barcelona, try to arrange the agreement so you can leave if you want, like maybe having the lease in someone else’s name.

  2. ... jacek ... says:

    but kids aren’t 25 year old “men”

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