Letter of Resignation – Submitted


As of yesterday, it’s official – well at least at work it is. I submitted my letter of resignation and will be “officially” leaving the agency on June 30th 5:30pm – for good. And while everyone at work knew that I was leaving, and especially after the debacle of the Big Apple Awards where I got up on the podium, thanked everyone for coming to see me, and told them I was leaving for Barcelona – I thought it best to submit the letter anyways. Oh, and the aforementioned debacle, well – it’s why I’m never drinking at a work function ever again.

Moving on, my director thought the letter to have been written very eloquently, and was glad that my time at the (still) present job was a learning experience, so on and so forth, and while I did, and do complain about my current work situation, and it being one of the catalysts for my going to grad school, I can say now, at the end of this two year stint here, that in some small way, I may actually miss these strange strange people I work with. What I will not miss however, are syndications, dealing with the incompetent buffoons at various banks (who shall remain nameless), fact checking their work for errors, and the lackluster attitudes of many NFP employees.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Yaeli says:

    Alcohol and work functions can only lead to tears. Pleased to hear they still let you resign rather than making the decision for you!

  2. k o w says:

    I’ve got mine ready to go. I’m actually thinking about presenting it to my VP at a staff meeting and then walking out but I don’t think that’ll be a good way to get a decent reference. I do criticize management in a offhand way though. I’ll have to find the line and reply with it but I thought it was a great disguised shot below the belt.

  3. ... jacek ... says:

    hihi, definately kow. I’m actually writing a report to the commissioner right now about general issues and problems with my entire division. And although, I already received my reccomends, I still think that the agency should function better, regardless, plus if any of my changes get implemented, I get to put it down on my resume.

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