Post in English – ¿Cualquier persona sabe quiénes son los buenos abastecedores móviles en España?


OK, I’ve looked online, searched the internet far and wide, compared A with B with C, and I’m stuck. Why? Well I need a cell phone when I get to Espain, and I dont know which one to get.

In Poland, I have Orange, and to be quite honest, it was great, than in France I have Vodafone, and it was good too – obviously the French one raped me on the cost of SMS’ (Text messages for all you American folk), but then again that is to be expected. Euro were flying out my pocket last time I was in Paris, but it is an expensive city – even phone wise.

So thus far, I’m thinking Movistar or Vodafone or Amena… at the moment I’m thinking Movistar since 65% of them locals done use it… but the thing is, I need something that suits my phone usage needs, here in th3 States that T-Mobile (unlimited txt messages), there I have no idea – I’m so confused, I feel like I’m at Starbucks.

I’ve also managed to find a pretty nifty site for anyone moving to any number of places, it’s called Just Landed, check it out.


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  1. Patxi says:

    I have not been living in my native Barcelona for 2 years, so maybe I am not update but here it goes:* All 3 have excellent coverage in cities* Movistar still retains the 1st mover advantage and the best coverage in small populations.* Amena started cattering to young people and individuals while Vodafone targeted more SME accounts.IMHO, do not subscribe to a plan, specially at the begining. Get any pay-as-you-go, you cannot overspend on that. And wait to see which company is the more popular amongst your classmates and friends.I hope this helps. Do have fun in my hometown!Best,Patxi at London Business School

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