Checklist, World Cup, Downtime


Downtime – yup. Pretty much ready and good to go here, got my bank account opened, loans are ready for disbursement, most of my material goods have been pawned off, including my soon to be ex car, visa – don’t need one, insurance, got to get that insurance, will fax that tomorrow, and the plane ticket needs buying. But other than that, all my things are pretty much wrapped up here in the good ‘ol US of A – so now, to sit back and try to enjoy the World Cup – I don’t have any annual leave you see, used that in conjunction with my sick leave to cover my leg operation – oh well, sneaking out at lunch time it is 🙂

Hope everyone has a most splendid summer, I’ll try to post something relevant here should the need arise, but for the time being, it’s getting to be WC time, and I’m going to tune out for the next month and a half. Be seeing you from Barcelona.

– Jacek


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  1. k o w says:

    Adios amigo and enjoy it.

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